Ligament ankle brace with functional strapping

  • Reinforcement of lateral ligaments thanks to double crossover elastic strapping (preserving flexion-extension).
  • Additional lateral reinforcement due to a removable strap.
  • Can be worn inside a shoe without discomfort.



• Functional treatment of mild to moderate sprains of the outer lateral ligament.
• Resumption of occupational activities and sport after moderate to serious sprains.
• Chronic hyperlaxity.



Lace up brace

  • Rigid side reinforcements to ensure ankle stability & immobilization.
  • Stays may be 
    • repositioned for comfort over malleoli (ankle bones), or 
    • removed for adjustable levels of support 
  • Anatomically-shaped with breathable, 3D knit fabric for comfort 
  • Straps that optimise the action of the reinforcements.
  • Fast, easy lace fastening.
  • Slim product that fits easily inside a shoe.
  • Universal



  • Mild, moderate or severe sprains of the tibiofibular ligaments.
  • Chronic laxity
  • Resumption of sports requiring pivoting movment


Achilles tendon ankle brace Includes:Modular silicone heel cups

  • Soft silicone heel pieces reduces tendon tension and aids in shock-absorbtion
  • A pair of modular heel pieces (1 & 3) permitting 3 offloading heights depending on the course of the condition (13, 8 or 5 mm) & balance of the other leg (3)
  • Peri-Achilles silicone guide (2) offers:
    • protection thanks to the anatomical shape
    • reduced viabration
  • Anatomically-shaped knit, comfort zone over the malleoli and
  • Patented pull tabs fore easy application
  • Massage effect thanks to the dimpling on the silicone insert
  • Elastic compressive knit (approximately 23 mmHg)



  • Prevention and treatment of Achilles tendon injuries :
    • Enthesitis
    • Tendonitis
    • Tenosynovitis
    • Bursitis and Haglund’s disease
  • Achillodynia following Achilles tendon surgery


Pediatric walker boot

  • Durable alternative to casting for children
  • Lightweight, metal-reinforced conformable plastic uprights
  • 4 Simple integrated strapping offers good support and makes it easy to apply
  • Reinforced composite rocker bottom allows for natural gait
  • Shock absorbing, low profile and non-slip tread
  • Available in 3 sizes




  • Stable ankle fractures and 
  • Ankle sprains and/or 
  • Mild to severe ankle and foot injuries in children