Silistab Epi

An elbow brace for treating/relieving medial or lateral epicondylitis (golfer’s or tennis elbow). Relief is guaranteed with by silicone inserts with a massage effect and the compressive knit providing a reinforced proprioceptive effect. The compression is adjustable thanks to the additional strap. The anatomically-shaped knit has comfort zones at the elbow crease and patented pull tabs.

  • Silicone Inserts with Massage Effect
  • Anatomically-shaped Knit
  • Adjustable Compression
  • Patented Pull Tabs

Multi Adjustment ROM Elbow

  • Four straps and individual black pads that fit under each strap.
  • Single hinge/bar and dual hinge/bar models can be ordered with a 15 or 16 inch bar length.
  • Flexion and extension stops are in 10 degree increments and can be set without tools.
  • Locking is possible by offsetting the flexion and extension stops at the same degree.
  • Right or left arm available in single hinge brace models


  • Rigid ABS plastic shells. 
  • Optional bar and hand extension for increased stabilization and rotation control. 
  • Shells conform to the arm when the straps are tightened. 
  • Length of the hand extension and position of the shells is adjustable.


  • Adjustable ROM hinge with extension and flexion stops in 10 degree incrementsdjustable ROM hinge.
  • Tool-free length-adjustable system (Snaplock system).
  • Rigid uprights that can be adapted to the patient’s shape.
  • Breathable fabrics breeze pads.
  • Drop lock that can fix the arm at 90 degrees
  • one size fits all