The SILIMA silicone breast forms contribute towards the user’s feeling of natural wellbeing because of its silky, gentle feel against their skin. The technology and materials used in the production of the forms enhance their durability, reduce their weight and ensure that the forms move and look natural. One of the greatest features is the fact that all the breast forms can be worn whilst swimming or doing other forms of exercise.

The SILIMA breast form range caters for all body shapes and levels of volume loss due to surgery. Whether the patient has undergone conservation surgery such as a lumpectomy, partial or full mastectomy, SILIMA offers products to restore a natural, symmetrical bust contour. These forms can also be used during the breast reconstruction process to retain a natural bust profile until reconstruction is complete.


Breast forms are not only important from an aesthetic point of view. In the case of a unilateral amputation, it is essential to wear a breast form to balance out the weight of the remaining breast. Without this, the patient will develop spine curvature and back pain



SILIMA Conform

  • A particularly aesthetic soft and smooth fitting form
  • Ideal for sensitive scar tissue and suitable for initial care
  • The standard cup has a deep hollow on the underside, making it particularly good for the moderate loss of tissue
  • The full cup has a shallower hollow, offering more volume to compensate greater loss of tissue
  • Velvety matt outer skin
  • Particularly soft inner layer made of transparent silicone
  • Thin, softly tapering edge for smooth transition
  • Best worn directly on the skin


Anatomical, symmetric, 2-layered


  • Natural compensation for women with a large bust
  • Reduced weight for enhanced comfort
  • Extra-full cup volume within a small cup area
  • Silky-soft surface
  • Anatomical shape
  • Adapts to the widest range of very individual needs
  • Can be worn left and right


Anatomical, symmetric, 3-layered

SILIMA® Soft & Light Embrace Heart

• Three-layer design for enhanced comfort

• Lightweight silicone core with naturally soft cup and silky-soft inner layer

• Up to 30 % lighter than conventional gel forms

• Adapts to fit the thoracic wall with ease, ideally suited for sensitive scar tissue

• Even looks lightweight, thanks to the transparent inner layer

• Adapts naturally to all body movements, whether standing, sitting or lying down

• Symmetric shape, adapts to become asymmetric

• Gently tapers to the neckline and underarm area

• The curve fills the lower breast area particularly well and stops the form from rubbing against the remaining natural breast


anatomical, symmetric, 3-layered



  • For a smooth and even outline
  • Worn directly on the skin
  • Flat, natural transition where the bra straps join, the outer edges nestle softly and gently against the skin
  • Anatomical, symmetric shape, mirrors the curvature of the chest wall
  • Restores the natural appearance


Anatomical, symmetric

SILIMA® Soft & Light super soft

• Natural and particularly smooth-fitting

• Super soft cup nestles closely in the bra cup and thus resembles even more to particularly soft breast tissue

• Adapts to fit the thoracic wall with ease, ideally suited for sensitive scar tissue

• For an optimum weight compensation 15% lighter than the remaining breast due to the soft silicone core

• Adapts naturally to all body movements, whether standing, sitting or lying down

• Lightweight silicone core encased in particularly soft silicone


anatomical, symmetric, 3-layered



• Sporty microfibre T-shirt bra

• Moulded foam cups (spacer fabric):

– Lightweight, elastic, close-fitting, breathable, shape-retaining

– Ensures an even outline, suitable for women who have undergone conservative breast surgery or mastectomies

– 2 moulded pockets

• Side reinforcements for firm support

• Single jacquard microfibre for assured comfort

• Soft straps, adjustable at the back


White, Taupe, Berry


• Close-fitting bra with seamless cups

• Outer fabric elastic single stretch Jersey featuring a floral jacquard pattern, with stretch piping across the neckline, straps and back

• Reinforced side panels for firm support, even for larger busts


White, Grey, Nude, Poppyred*, Black


• Classic design coupled with good support and coverage

• Two-section cup

• Decorative lace trim across the neckline adds elegant flair

• Made of smooth, soft microfibre

• Adjustable straps with soft shoulder



White, Nude, Black


• For a sublime and feminine look

• Supple, stretch floral lace, fully lined

• Soft shoulder padding, adjustable straps

• Neckline insert for extra security and camisole effect


White, Champagne, Black